Whale Shark Season Ningaloo 2020

Best Time to Swim on Ningaloo Reef

Whale Shark Tours Season 2020 Exmouth Begins Mid March To End August

The best season to see Whale Sharks at Exmouth in 2020 on the Ningaloo reef is from mid-March to August / September every year. The whale shark is the world’s biggest fish and congregates along the Ningaloo Reef. We provide the chance to snorkel with these gentle giants and it is truly the opportunity of a lifetime as visitors from all over the world head to the Ningaloo Reef during whale shark season to do just this.

These massive and harmless filter feeders can grow up to 19+m long. They cruise the world’s oceans in search of concentrations of plankton to feed on, and the World Heritage Ningaloo fringe reef is one of the only places on the planet they appear regularly in large numbers. Very little is known about whale sharks, so science and research are ongoing.

Our day tours to snorkeling with whale sharks depart daily during the season from both Exmouth and Coral Bay. This extraordinary experience to explore in whale shark season 2020 is open to all swimmers of all ages.



Humpback Whale Season 2020

There is an abundance of Humpback Whales found on the Ningaloo Reef. Whale calves and pods of humpback whales can be spotted here in humpback whale season 2020. The season to interact and swim with humpback whales in 2020 will start from August 2020 and last till November 2020.

Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive will provide you with the experience to swim along with humpback whales guided by our professionals. Everything you need will be provided to you onboard including equipment, food, and drinks, wetsuits, free photos by our videographers and expert tour guides who are absolutely ardent about the Ningaloo reef and marine life. Ningaloo Whale shark N Dive will provide a professional photography package free of charge to all the guests. Many guests are able to listen to the songs while underwater or be mesmerized by the Humpback whales from the deck of our vessel by using hydrophones provided by us during Sunset Humpback Whale Cruise.

Scuba Diving in 2020

Along with the Whale Shark Season in 2020, you would also be amused by scuba diving in Exmouth. Our partners provide full-day, half-day and customized tours to divers. Lighthouse Bay, a sanctuary zone to protect the corals provides different sites that are favorable to divers as they can see awful and remarkable creatures here. Hard corals can be viewed on the west side of peninsular. Here in 2020, you would also spot turtles, reef sharks, rays and much more of marine life.

The incredible experience that you would feel while diving is the sound of the song by Humpback Whales. While diving in Murion Islands that are surrounded by white sand, abundance of soft corals and its wonderful fish life, dolphins and mantas can be experienced. You can gain the lifetime experience while Scuba diving in 2020 with us at Ningaloo Whale shark N Dive.


“Whales Everywhere”

Very professional crew who were very helpful and knowledgeable with any questions. Finger food and local prawn platter with champagne on sunset was a great touch.




CHILD 3-16yrs





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