Hidden Gems of the World

It’s easier than ever to fulfil all your wildest wanderlust fantasies. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adrenaline junkie or a seasoned culture vulture, there are countless destinations around the world waiting for you to fall in love with them.

That leaves only one question: where will you go?

While most of the big tourist destinations are popular for a reason, the sheer number of visitors these places attract does detract a little from their original charm. At Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive, we prefer to avoid the crowds by venturing off the beaten track and exploring some of the planet’s lesser known – but by no means less impressive – wonders.

Planning for the trip of a lifetime? We’ve rounded up six of the best hidden gems for you to consider visiting on your next holiday. From swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo to hiking Japan’s picturesque Bamboo Forest, you’re sure to find something that appeals to your spirit of adventure!

Swimming With Whale Sharks in Ningaloo, Australia

No bucket list is complete without a whale shark swim. Growing up to 12.65 metres in length and weighing in as heavy as 21.5 tonnes, the whale shark is the largest known species of fish alive today, but don’t let their size daunt you – they’re gentle creatures and are perfectly placid around humans.

The Ningaloo Reef is one of the best places on the planet to see these majestic creatures in the flesh. Located off the coast of Exmouth in Western Australia, the Ningaloo Marine Park plays host to schools of whale sharks who pass through the waters every year between March and July. For a truly unforgettable experience, be sure to book your Ningaloo whale shark swimming interaction tour with Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive.

Exploring Hidden Beach, Mexico

It’s not often that a disused military site becomes a place of great natural beauty, yet that’s exactly what happened in the Marietas Islands, located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. The stunning strip of sand is the result of extensive bombings, which took place in the early 1900s. It was then used a testing site for the military up until the 1960s, when the Mexican government gave into the pressure of activists and turned the entire area into a conservation where fishing and hunting were banned.

Today, Hidden Beach is ringed with cliffs and completely inaccessible by foot; the only way to reach the soft sands is to swim through a long underwater tunnel. Those who brave the plunge are rewarded with a secret cove, turquoise waters and memories to last a lifetime.

Watching the Northern Lights at Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights, is an otherworldly phenomenon that occurs when electrically charged particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a visual display that is out of this world. The dancing lights are visible from many places in the northern regions of the northern hemisphere, but there is simply no better way to enjoy the spectacle than from the comfort of your own room at the Kakslauttanen Hotel.

What makes the hotel so special? The rooms at the Kakslauttanen Hotel are built in the shape of igloos and feature enormous glass ceilings that provide you with panoramic, unobstructed views of the Northern Lights in all their glory. If you want to pack some more action into your holiday, the hotel also offers a range of adventure packages, including snowmobile tours and husky safaris.

Dining Underwater at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

When you think of the Maldives, you might conjure up images of crystal clear waters, over-water bungalows and white sand beaches – and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, the Maldives are also home to some extraordinary restaurants serving up all sorts of local and international delights, with the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant being one of the most unique.

Incredibly, the restaurant is situated five metres below sea level and features transparent walls and ceilings, which allow for 270 degree underwater views. Fine dining while sitting face to face with the exotic marine life that inhabits the waters surrounding the Maldives is an experience you’ll always treasure.

Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising, England

Few museums offer deep insight into a certain part of society quite like the Museum of Brands, Packaging, and Advertising. The museum is dedicated to cataloguing and dissecting how marketing has evolved over the years and the effect it has had on the modern consumer. Despite the museum’s relatively modest size, it’s packed to overflowing with fascinating and interactive exhibits that are sure to resonate with visitors of all ages.

The Bamboo Forest, Japan

Japan is renowned for its futuristic technology and digital fluency, but it’s important to remember that the country isn’t all high-tech wizardry. The Bamboo Forest, situated in the Arashiyama district just outside Kyoto, is a testament to that. An enormous, dense grove of towering bamboo trees, the Bamboo Forest is not only a visual feast but also an auditory one. Listening to the unique rustling whisper of the bamboo is a spiritual and meditative experience that helps you build a deep connection with the surrounding environment. Amble along the path that winds through the forest and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity that comes with being in total harmony with Mother Nature.

The world is an incredible place full of hidden gems waiting to be unearthed – all you have to do is start exploring!. Whether you want to lose yourself in museum exhibits or relax on the tropical beaches of your dreams, there’s no denying that travel feeds the spirit and broadens the mind.

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime whale shark swimming adventure, we’d love to hear from you. Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive tours take you deep into the heart of the Ningaloo Reef, where you can get up, close and personal with the magnificent whale sharks as well as all the other marine life that thrives in the area. Contact us today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.