Exmouth Scuba Diving on Ningaloo Reef

Scuba dives in and around the stunning Ningaloo Reef area

Full day, half day and customized tours for certified and uncertified divers to dive sites on the Ningaloo Reef, around the Muiron Islands and the famous Navy Pier can be arranged on request.

For more information on scuba dive tours in Exmouth please call Ningaloo Whaleshark-n-Dive on 1800 224 060 or send us an email to info@ningaloowhalesharkndive.com.au


Lighthouse Bay, Ningaloo Reef

At the very northern tip of the peninsular the coastline forms a bay with the VLF radio towers looming overhead and the lighthouse in the distance on the hill. Underwater are rocky outcrops, coral ledges and deep cracks in the ground forming interesting landscapes. Lighthouse Bay is a protected sanctuary zone with moorings to protect the coral. Sites such as Blizzard Ridge Gulliver, and deeper sites such as Dibley, have become favourites with divers for seeing weird and wonderful creatures. Large schools of fish, sea snakes, crayfish, shrimp, turtles and reef sharks are a common sight.


West Side, Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo reef fringes the west side of the peninsular snaking its way for 260km. Hard corals make up a large proportion of the reef on this side, forming surge channels, a rare structure in tropical reefs. Reef sharks, turtles, moray eels, rays and big pelagic fish are all frequently spotted. The west side during the season boasts ‘the big three’, Whale sharks, manta rays and humpback whales. The sound of the humpback whale song during the dives is an incredible and moving experience, not to mention a sighting of any of the big three! Sites here include Hole in the Wall, Millyering Wall, Mandu Wall, Beverly Hills, Nicks lumps, Central Station and Colosseum to name a few.

Muiron Islands

Dive and snorkel the magical Muiron Islands – two deserted islands located 9nm North of Exmouth, surrounded by white sand. Here there is an abundance of soft corals, gorgonians, and sponges fringing the edge of the islands and incredible fish life, dolphins, whales and mantas travelling through. Soft corals provide beautiful colours and movement in the water and also are a favourite of turtles, which are there in abundance. Many of the sites also have swim throughs, filled with glass fish and cod. A highlight is a beautiful drift dive between the islands.


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