Whale Shark Tours and Dive Exmouth

All You Need To Know For Your Trip To Exmouth

Full of natural beauty, Exmouth has a long stretch of white sand coast with turquoise blue seas. Considered the gateway to Ningaloo Marine Park, Exmouth has an abundance of beautiful marine life and many people come to the area to scuba dive and swim with whale sharks. At Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive we offer a wide range of tours that let you explore this incredible area, not just swimming with marine life, but also learning about it too with our marine biologists on board to answer your questions. Exmouth’s position at the tip of the North-West Cape allows you to swim and dive in the sparkling Indian Ocean, with many exotic species just below the surface.


Exmouth has a warm and pleasant climate all year round, with the whale sharks easiest to spot between March and August. In addition to enjoying the coast, once you’re back on land there are rocky canyons and historic sites to explore, plus the pleasant small town of Exmouth which has some great seafood restaurants. If you’re planning a trip to Exmouth, Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive can book you onto one of our amazing tours, giving you a once in a lifetime experience of this unspoiled stretch of coast.

Marine Life

Below the surface of the bright blue seas of Exmouth lies a colourful and exciting marine world that’s just waiting to be explored. The colourful coral reefs bloom between March and April, and provide an excellent hiding place for lots of exotic fish. A favourite attraction in Exmouth is swimming with whale sharks, which can be done between March and August. Although they can reach up to 40ft in length, whale sharks are docile, and some have a playful nature. They’ll often swim close to boats and be curious enough to come close to divers.

Dolphins can be spotted off the coast of Ningaloo all year round, as well as friendly manta rays, who love to swim up close to tourists. Turtles can often be spotted in the water, or relaxing on the beach, while humpback whales can be seen frolicking off the coast between May and October. Simply take a swim and you’ll spot many sea creatures, but booking a whale shark boat tour gets you closer, and means you can learn more about Exmouth’s marine life. Booking with us means you get an experienced guide, so are more likely to see creatures up close, plus the use of paddle boards for extended lagoon snorkeling, providing an unforgettable day out.

Visiting Exmouth - The Complete Guide

Exmouth is at the tip of the North-West Cape, about a 13-hour drive from Perth, or a 2-hour direct flight. There are daily flights to Exmouth from across Australia. Ningaloo has a wide selection of hotels, whether you want luxury accommodation, or want to get close to nature and enjoy an upmarket camping experience. With warm weather most of the year, Exmouth is an excellent destination for a short break, or a longer trip where you can explore along the Ningaloo Coast.

Most people visit Exmouth to enjoy the natural beauty of the coast. White sandy beaches sit alongside warm, clear blue seas, with colourful marine life underneath. Taking a Ningaloo whale shark swim allows you to get up close to some of the area’s best-known sea creatures, as well as relaxing and taking a swim in the deep blue waters. As a World Heritage listed site, the Ningaloo Coast has waters full of colourful coral, and amazing creatures that it’s difficult to see elsewhere. To make the most of your trip, be sure to book a tour with Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive so you can learn more about the area.