Whale Sharks and all of the other animals that inhabit Ningaloo Reef are completely wild and are not trained, encouraged or coerced in any way to interact with passengers or crew.

Therefore they can at times be unpredictable and the location and/or duration of time taken to locate them cannot be guaranteed or predicted by Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive. Some animals are seasonal and we do not guarantee that passengers will see all or in rare cases any of them.

In the unlikely event that we do have a no sighting of a whale shark, we do have a no-sighting policy in place with two options to suit most circumstances.

One of the following options may be chosen by passengers who have paid as snorkelers. Observers are not entitled to a repeat tour.

  • A non transferable free repeat tour on the next available seat which may or may not be the following day.
  • A non transferable repeat voucher valid for the remainder of the current season and the following 2 full seasons ending July 31st.