Getting to Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef

Exmouth is located 1270 kilometres north of Perth with a population of around 2500, which can double at the peak of the tourist season, March to October. Here you will find the Cape Range National Park and the Magical Ningaloo Reef. Exmouth offers stunning scenery from beautiful white beaches and crystal clear blue waters of Ningaloo Reef to the magnificent ranges of the Cape Range National Park.

Ningaloo Marine Park is home to the magnificent whale shark which is seen the waters of Ningaloo between March and July each Year. Depending on the time of the year, humpback whales, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, turtles and orcas can be seen in this stunning area.

For detailed information about the : Ningaloo Marine Park features and available activities.

Ningaloo Reef is 260 kilometres long, which makes it one of the largest fringing reefs in the world and is only 100 metres off the coast in some places making it accessible from the beach. The waters are crystal clear and home to over 200 species of Hard Corals and approximately 50 species of Soft Corals, as well as some 500 species of fish, from the smallest Parrot Fish, Butterfly Fish, Angle Fish, Damsel Fish, Scissor Tails and Wrasse, to larger fish such as Groper, Coral Trout, Cod, Travally and the occasional small Reef Shark. Snorkelling the reef is like swimming in an aquarium.

Getting Here:

From Perth – 1,270 Kms

By Air

Qantas operate flights daily between Perth and Exmouth. The airport is approximately 40 kms from the town with bus transfers available which should be prebooked.

By Road

The drive will take approximately 13-14 hours, the roads are good, but very long so make sure you have enough fuel. Be careful of wildlife on the road this can be hazardous at times. Get Directions

By Bus

Integrity stops at Exmouth, please check their schedules at