Looking for Whale Shark Tours Exmouth on Ningaloo Reef WA?

Our Ningaloo whale shark tours provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for individuals, couples and families. These are gentle and placid creatures, entirely comfortable with the presence of humans as they make their way along our coast. There really are no requirements to join our tours. If you can swim, you can swim with the whale sharks. There are no age restrictions whatsoever.
Our tours are not just about swimming among the whale sharks, we are committed to educating you about these amazing creatures and the other marine wildlife you encounter too. Depending on the time of year, you will also see manta rays, turtles, dolphins, and much, much more. All of our tours have a qualified marine biologist on board to inform you more about their habits and their movements and to answer any questions you may have. Our friendly and knowledgeable dive instructors, meanwhile, will be on hand to make your day as comfortable and fun-filled as possible.
We run our whale shark tours from our Exmouth base from March to August and we do not rely on chance to guarantee you an amazing day. Our spotter planes ensure that we know exactly where the whale sharks will be, getting you to the action quickly and efficiently.
As whale sharks are wild animals living in nature, there is an outside chance that there may be no sightings on a particular day. This is rare during the season, but it can happen. In this event, we guarantee a seat on the next available tour or a repeat voucher that remains valid for at least two years.



Wow, what a surreal year we are all having! Know we really understand your need to get your toes out and into the warm Indian ocean up here with us. So if you’re looking for a Ningaloo Reef Whale Shark tour, Exmouth is your place. A drum roll please …. with the federal and state government restrictions being relaxed our passionate team is pleased to announce that we are recommencing whale shark tours for the 2020 season, starting from 1st of June 2020*.
Although some restrictions are still in place such as social distancing, we are confident that we will conduct a Ningaloo tour in a super fun, informative and most importantly safe manner. With a large and measured deck space on our luxury dedicated whale shark vessel, we more than comply with all current government restrictions of social distancing and can operate safely.
To keep you safe, all of our crew have completed the WA Government Hospitality Hygiene Course Training and we have modified our vessels and tours to ensure customer and staff safety. As we have had a lot of changes to bookings, BOOK NOW FOR THE NEW 2020 WHALE SHARK SEASON so you don’t miss out!
Our five star Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive company is based in Exmouth, Western Australia. We provide the best Whale Shark swim tours for our guests who get to swim next to these amazing marine creatures in the beautiful turquoise waters of the Ningaloo Reef. The majestic whale shark is the largest known fish in the world and a delight to behold.


Answer: After following all WA government directives and diligently adhering to all rules and best practice guidelines from the government on how to proceed in the best way possible, yes it is.
We are taking incremental steps as restrictions are lifted for the utmost care for our guests, community, and crew to open up the reef once more for everyone to enjoy.
Our luxury vessel Herron Charters deck space allows for ample social distancing and will keep you safe in your “social bubbles”. Our crew’s attention to detail with hygiene is first-rate and they have all been inducted into the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course. Our tours on the vessel allow you to be in the fresh air and ocean for the best part of the day.

  • Providing extra and accurate briefing information from the AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course to all our guests.
  • Sanitising and wiping down of public contact surfaces.
  • Applying regulated smaller group sizes.
  • Hand-washing encouraged regularly.
  • COVID-19 protocols in place.
  • Briefings are arranged to observe social distancing and family unit and “social bubbles” .
  • Using labelled and allocated drinking cups on tour.
  • Hand  Sanitiser and hand soap with tissues always available.

Whale Shark Tours Exmouth and COVID-19 FAQ

My booking is in the next few months and I’m currently unable to reach Exmouth due to travel restrictions, what should I do?

Wait and see! The government is giving us permission to do more and more each day. We are taking things step by step. Reassess if you can make it closer to the time. We are offering 2-year validity vouchers if you need to change your dates, as per our terms and conditions.
Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive offers a complete 5 star rated, ECO certified experience swimming with whale sharks, but your adventure won’t end there. During all our interaction tours, guests can not only swim with whale sharks but also possibly interact with magical manta rays, be surprised with a sighting of dugongs along with dolphins, Ningaloo reef fish, turtles, humpback whales, and amazing corals right here in the Ningaloo Reef just off Exmouth, Western Australia.

Absolutely everything you need to swim with whale sharks is provided onboard all Ningaloo Whale Shark n Dive tours, including snorkeling equipment, wetsuits, gourmet food and drinks, and knowledgeable tour guides who are passionate about the Ningaloo Reef and all marine life in the area. As standard, we will also provide you with a complete professional photography package of your tour completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Swimming with whale sharks is a truly memorable experience – know our Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim Tours will give you the adventure of a lifetime!

Our Exmouth regional weather and Ningaloo waters have just been perfect lately and the expected outlook is even better into June and July.

We hope to see you up here soon with WA lifting regional borders and travel restrictions easing.

To your good health,

Bob & Sharon and our passionate Ningaloo Whale Shark tour team.

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Our Tour


Swimming with whale sharks is an experience you will never forget. Our whale shark tours on the Ningaloo Reef, situated off the stunning coast of Western Australia, allow you to get close to these creatures in all their majesty and see them in their natural habitat through our pristine, crystal-clear waters. When we say you get close to the whale sharks, we mean really close! Once you arrive at the reef on our luxurious dive boat ‘HERON CHARTERS’, you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel among the whale sharks and other breath-taking marine wildlife, sometimes getting within as close as 3 metres.


Life-changing, once in a lifetime, awe-inspiring, incredible, the best! These are the words we hear every day from our guests. Swimming 3 metres from a whale shark is an experience that will never be forgotten. All snorkelling gear is provided and if you can swim, you can swim with us.
And actually swimming with the whale sharks is only part of the experience… get ready for an amazing, action-packed day with our Whale Shark tours Exmouth.


We are excited to announce that this amazing new tour will be starting in August. An incredible opportunity to swim with these giants of the sea as they migrate through the Ningaloo Reef.

Ningaloo Whale Shark N Dive is proud to have been chosen to take part in the trial of offering these tours and allowing you to swim with these majestic creatures. Register your interest now.


Join us for an amazing Humpback Whale watching cruise aboard our stable, luxurious 56ft boat, Herron Charters. She has the biggest deck in the Exmouth fleet, ensuring your cruise around the calm waters of the Exmouth Gulf is in comfort and style.


The famous waters between Exmouth Golf and Lighthouse Bay provide the perfect rest stop for the humpback whales on their annual migration. Here is where the whales are most relaxed and playful, making for exceptional whale encounters.


Swimming with a humpback whale is an amazing experience as these beautiful creatures are graceful, intelligent, and at times, incredibly engaging. Each encounter is privilege. Ningaloo Whale Shark Tours-N-Dive is one of Exmouth’s premier tour operators with a long and successful history of fulfilling people’s dreams of swimming with the “whale sharks”


Swimming with whale sharks in Exmouth is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed. Ningaloo Whaleshark-n-Dive’s passionate whale shark interaction tour team will show you a whale shark experience you’ll never forget.


Included Free & Exclusive Fun Here Dive Scooters Onboard for Your Ningaloo Reef Snorkels*

whale shark

Marine Biologist on board providing Whale Shark & Ningaloo Reef Education Talks


Stand Up Paddle Boards


Barista Made Coffee Available Onboard

Snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef

Morning & Afternoon Snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef


Complimentary Bus Transfer From Your Accomodation


Free Photos of Your Adventure By Our Professional Underwater Photographer


Complimentary Gear – Everything You Need – Free Wetsuit Hire (K-90+) Mask, Snorkels & Fins

Refreshments After Swim with Whale shark

Special 18+ After Swim Refreshments Provided Complimentary *

Safety Tender Provided For All Swims

Additional “Follow You” Safety Tender Provided For All Swims

MealsFood With Refreshments

Amazing 5 Star Healthy Meals & Food With Refreshments All Day – All Dietary Requirements Are Catered For On Request

Whaleshark Swim Guarantee

100% Whale Shark Swim Guarantee  Don’t SEE A WHALE SHARK?  Feel Safe With Our Policy – It Is The Best on Ningaloo! Receive a FREE REPEAT TOUR – VALID UP TO TWO YEARS *Valid for all tours up to 31st of July Every Season thereafter revert to Eco Tours


The best time to see Whale Sharks from Exmouth and on the Ningaloo reef is from mid March to August / September every year. The whale shark is the world’s biggest fish and congregates along the Ningaloo Reef. We provide the chance to snorkel with these gentle giants and it is truly the opportunity of a lifetime as visitors from all over the world head to the Ningaloo Reef during whale shark season to do just this. Being so majestically large, whale sharks are purely marine filter feeders. Growing up to 19m long. All Whale Sharks migrate the world’s oceans in still scientific mystery searching for plentiful plankton cycles to feed on. Ningaloo the is one of the best locations in the world to see whale sharks, as its a rare world heritage fringe reef and just of the West Australian coast. Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places on the planet where whale sharks appear regularly in large numbers. During the season many days book well in advance for our popular tours to it’s wise to book well in advance to secure spots for your special day. You can link to our booking page here here.


Whale Shark Tours Exmouth – Ningaloo Reef WA

We understand that diving with whale sharks in Ningaloo is an experience you may have only once in your lifetime, so our goal is to provide the safest and most comfortable experience that money can buy. Our 56 foot ‘Heron Charters’ is the largest purpose-built dive vessel on the reef and has been recently refitted to offer the very best in safety, equipment and luxury.
Once you arrive on board from your complimentary transfer from your accommodation you will enjoy freshly made barista coffee. As we make our way to the swim site you can relax in our luxurious lounge or enjoy the stunning views on deck.
Once you arrive at the whale shark site we guarantee you an action-packed day. As well as swimming with the whale sharks, you can explore the reef using our underwater scooters or try out our stand-up paddling (SUP) boards. In the late afternoon you will be taken back to your hotel or resort. All of these extra features, including a delicious gourmet lunch, are included in the price of the tour.
Ningaloo Whaleshark-n-Dive puts a premium on our customers’ safety. All of our equipment is new and of the very highest standard. Meanwhile, our safety dinghy is with swimmers at all times when they are in the water.
Our crew will fit you out with diving gear ready for your morning snorkel, after which we enjoy morning tea before making our way out to the Whale sharks, Manta rays and other amazing marine life.

whale shark tours team

A gourmet lunch is served along with Exmouth caught Kailis Prawns, cool drinks, chilled water and cordial. We cruise the inner reef to locate the perfect snorkelling spot to use our underwater scooters, Stand Up Paddleboards and enjoy afternoon tea inside the pristine Ningaloo Reef. A hot fresh water private shower facility is also available on board for your use at the end of your day. Our professional photographer is busy throughout the tour taking photos alongside the Whale Sharks and at the snorkel spots, this is all included free of charge!
Contact us at your convenience for more information or to make a booking.

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