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Mat McGuire

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7 hours ago

Wow! Where do you start when reviewing such an incredible experience?
From pickup to drop off the Team at Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive were absolutely awesome. We were guided through information and briefings that really hyped the enthusiasm of everyone before jumping in for a quick snorkel to test everyone’s gear and then headed to the outside of the reef amidst plenty of playful humpbacks before quickly finding the star attraction and then snorkeling alongside this amazing creature.
Words can’t really convey the awe my Wife and I felt swimming with a Whaleshark and I am indebted to the wonderful staff at Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive for their guidance in making this dream a reality.
As an extra bonus we spotted a Dugong back inside the lagoon
Special thanks to all the team behind the scenes, from admin to pilots but especially to Zara, Paula, Keira, Ella, Misa and Skipper Brando!
Hats off to you all



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