Exmouth Eating

After a full day of whale shark snorkelling, you’ll be ready to dive into the local cuisine! Exmouth is home to several world-class restaurants, serving everything from local seafood to exotic dishes, fine dining and laid back a laid back atmosphere.

There is so much to see and do in Exmouth, but enjoying the local cuisine is one part of the experience you won’t want to miss! Whether you’re looking for Aussie favourites, or to step out of your comfort zone to try something new, there are a variety of restaurants that you can choose from.

While there are countless eateries in the region, below we have outlined some of the top rated restaurants in Exmouth to satisfy any craving.


You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And when you’re planning a whale shark adventure, you’ll need to reel in a breakfast fit for the occasion. Below are some of the top rated breakfast spots in Exmouth, according to TripAdvisor.

Ningaloo Bakehouse and Café

Ross St, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Have a sweet tooth? The “Award Wining” Ningaloo Bakehouse and Café is the number 1 rated breakfast spot in Exmouth according to TripAdvisor. Established in 1963, this bakery has been a local favourite for decades, serving freshly baked sweets, handmade pies, special occasion cakes, and freshly baked bread. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savoury, the Ningaloo Bakehouse can satisfy your taste buds for breakfast. Some of their top sellers include their cheese and bacon scrolls, pizzas, Danishes, focaccia, donuts, handmade bread and pies, muffins, cakes, and more. They also serve barista-made coffee and morning tea first-thing. For special orders go to www.ningaloobakehouse.com.au  .

Adrift Café

8 Huston St, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Serving an extended breakfast from 9:30am-2pm, Adrift Café can satisfy your breakfast cravings all the way through lunch. Known for its quaint atmosphere, this hole in the wall is a local favourite. Some of the top breakfast menu items at Adrift Café include Eggs on toast, vego breaky, and French toast. They also offer big breakfast and little breakfast options, with a combination of breaky classics. In addition to breakfast, Adrift Café also offers a lunch and dinner menu.


If you’re looking to complete your Exmouth vacation, you must dive into the local cuisine. Exmouth is home to many talented chefs who are known for their creative plating and mouth-watering meals. Located nearby the sparkling waters of Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is famed for its fresh seafood, featuring locally caught tropical fish. If you’re looking for an authentic Exmouth experience, set sail for some of the top rated local restaurants below.

The BBQ Father

Murat Rd, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

If you’re craving some delicious outback-style BBQ, then The BBQ Father will not disappoint! This local favourite boasts the slogan “good to the bone” which is fitting considering their wide selection of BBQ classics. Some of the most popular menu items include the smoked beef brisket, salmon steak, chicken parmigiana, and smoked veal ribs. In addition, this restaurant is very family friendly, offering a kid’s menu, and serving Italian inspired dishes like pizzas and homemade pastas. If you’re looking for a family friendly dining experience, The BBQ Father features a laid back atmosphere with meals for the whole family.

Blue Lips Fish and Chips

392 Thew Street, Exmouth, Western Australia, Australia

Who doesn’t love perfectly cooked fish and chips? If you’re in the mood for a laid back and delicious dining experience, Blue Lips Fish and Chips is a family-favourite. Serving freshly caught local fish, this restaurant will give you a true taste of the local seafood cuisine. Offering specials daily, you can try their fish of the day or order from their standard menu. As the name implies, Blue Lips Fish and Chips is known to be the best spot to order fish and chips in Exmouth, however, they also serve burgers, homemade ice cream, and other menu items. With a laid-back atmosphere, this is a great place for families and kids, as well as any seafood connoisseur.

Potshot Restaurant

1 Murat Rd, Exmouth, Western Australia 6707, Australia

Located in the Potshot Hotel Resort, the Potshot Restaurant uses an advanced cooking method to ensure that each dish is cooked to perfection. Known as Stonegrill dining, this method is used to sear seafood and meat in order to retain all the healthy and delicious nutrients. This cooking method is known for leaving your food extremely tender and savoury, something that Potshot customers often praise about the restaurant. Potshot serves a variety of food and even features a kid’s menu. Some of their most popular Stonegrill menu items include the locally caught fish of the day, the Aussie outback scotch fillet, pork chops, and surf & turf. They also serve a variety of soups, salads, and other main dishes.

Mantaray’s Restaurant

Madaffari Drive, Exmouth, Western Australia 6707

Within Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort, you’ll find the fine dining experience offered by Mantaray’s Restaurant. The menu is described by the restaurant itself as ‘modern brasserie style’, specialising in freshly-caught local seafood and produce. The expansive menu offers something for everyone; and besides the delectable main dinner menu, Mantaray’s offers breakfast, lunch, entrée and kid’s menus too. The garlic prawns, perfectly-cooked fillets and amazing Tasmanian salmon are not to be missed! Alongside the beautiful food, this coastal restaurant also features stunning views across the Gulf where you might be lucky to see a humpback whale as you eat at the right time of year, or see a full moon rise from the ocean.


In addition to restaurants that specialize in local cuisine, there are also other dining options available if you’re feeling a bit more exotic. Exmouth is home to several Asian restaurants, from Chinese to Japanese, Thai, and more. There are also several American style eateries, pubs, and bars. Many of these restaurants still source their food locally, giving each plate a fresh taste.

If you’re ready to explore different tastes during your trip to Exmouth, consider some of the following top-rated restaurants.


Shop1 388 Maidstone Crescent, Exmouth, WA 6707, Australia

In the mood for sushi? Bamboo is one of Exmouth’s top restaurants serving Japanese cuisine. Located near Newsagent and Surf Shop in the carpark, next to Ningaloo Reef, this restaurant offers takeaway meals as well as indoor and outdoor seating. They specialize in sushi but also serve other Japanese meals like Japanese Fried Chicken (JFK) and even feature a café. Their sushi is known to be exceptionally fresh and they are praised for their friendly staff.

Cadillac’s Honky Tonk Bar & Grill

1 Pelias St, Exmouth WA 6707, Australia

Missing the outback? Then don’t miss Cadillac’s Honky Tonk Bar & Grill! This American/Australian fusion restaurant calls itself “Exmouth’s country music bar”. Featuring a laid back atmosphere with pool tables, country music, and an overall rustic setting, this is a great place to enjoy a burger, fries, and great company.


These are just a few of the dining options located near Ningaloo Reef, but there are so many more great restaurants in Exmouth!

After the fun of your whale shark snorkelling adventure, you’ll be ready to reel in a delicious meal to complete your trip! We highlight recommend trying the local seafood as the region is famed for its world-class seafood restaurants. However, if you’re in the mood for something else, there is also a variety of cuisines from around the world, so that no matter where you are visiting from, you can find a restaurant that makes you feel right at home.

For more suggestions on where to eat while you are here, you can always check TripAdvisor for customer reviews.